Orban - Constantinople


QuestOrban - Constantinople
Required level96
Daily QuestsNo

When his ability to make cannons was not acknowledged, he left his home country of Hungary and sought money and honor in the Byzantine Empire. However, the Byzantine Empire was not capable of paying him the price he was asking, and moreover threatened his life. His next hope of success is the Ottoman Empire.
Constantinople Battlefield Quest
Location: Near the Constantinople Battlefield


Aaah! Damn. Damn it!
Where's everybody's sense?
They're all mad!
Oh, what's this? A traveler?
You're one of those traveling adventurers, aren't you?
Hm? Here for the Byzantine Emperor's [Crystal of Truth], are you?
It doesn't matter how much you want the crystal. Don't you know what's happening in the [Constantinople Battlefield] now? Hm?
You seem pretty confident. Well, let's see if you're really up for the job.
It's dangerous in there. All the soldiers have gone mad!
Maybe... Maaaybe I'll believe you know what you're doing if you have a solid reputation.
Mission: Earn Fame Points (50/50)
What? You already have them?
Say, perhaps you could help me out.
Oh-oh, don't be impatient.
I don't know about this crystal you're after, but if you really want to meet the Byzantine Emperor, then you have to clean up in there first.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 100,000
  • Item: Ambrosia x100
Why doesn't anybody recognize my talents?

2.Urgent Supplies

Help me out, and you'll be able to find out just what's going on in there.
Do you have any idea why I look this miserable?
I went to the Byzantines looking for work, and they judged me at a glance as "unqualified." When I tried to leave, they attacked me!
Who's responsible?
It's those crazy generals of the Byzantine Emperor.
They've gone from bad to worse since I escaped. It's impossible to communicate with them now.
Of course, I want to get my belongings back; however, I would like to prove myself to them first. In a very, very different way this time.
In order to do that, I need some materials urgently.
Please bring me some [Thread]. I'll pay you back for it.
Mission: Thread x1000
Oh, that was quick. I knew you'd be good.
My problem here is that I haven't met a person of discernment like myself!
Come back after you complete your task!

3.Can't Stand It

What I really can't stand is people who don't know how to read and write, treating me like I'm a mere nobody!
Those illiterates are out there, gripping farming tools instead of weapons. Now they're even attacking people!
I am mad at them, but there's nothing I can do. They always go around in groups.
Just talking about it is getting me riled up. Anyway, you'd surely have to fight them yourself, sooner or later.
Individually they're not much trouble, if you could get them away from their groups.
Please defeat as many [Farmer Conscripts] as you can.
HINT: You can find the Farmer Conscripts in the Constantinople Palace Chalke.
Mission: Kill [Farmer Conscript] x50
Good job.
I feel better after your victory!
Come back after you complete your task!

4.No Use to Them

As you see, I have nothing now. I used to carry plenty of plans and tools wherever I went, and I would seek out opportunities to show my skills.
However, all of my skills are useless without my plans.
While I was telling off the Farmer Conscripts, the [Slave Conscripts] did something to my bags!
I'm guessing my plans are all torn up by now. If only I had been more careful.
Can I ask you to retrieve my [Torn Blueprints] from the [Slave Conscripts]? As many as you can.
Then, I might be able to put them back together.
Those illiterates have no use for them.
Hurry up, or they may use up my precious plans as toilet paper!
HINT: You can find the Slave Conscripts in the Constantinople Palace Chalke.
Mission: Torn Blueprint x20
Oh, thank you so much!
They're torn to pieces, but I can still put them back together with my brilliant mind.
Ah, do you want to know what kind of person I am?
I invented a new method of artillery crafting a while ago!
That's why I'm seeking opportunities to show my skill on the battlefield.
I wasn't born here, but no one in my homeland understood how brilliant I was.
Come back after you complete your task!

5.The Hidden Blueprints

It seems that the Farmer and Slave Conscript move and attack under their commanders' directions.
You saw [Militia Magicians] while you were fighting against the illiterates there, didn't you?
They practice magic, which means they can somehow read.
But they would never understand my profound plans.
Moreover, they might destroy them, lacking the intelligence to understand their value.
Ah, I can't allow it.
First of all, we need to find and bring back the [Whole Blueprints]!
Luckily, I made note of where I left them.
I'll give you this [Map]. I've marked where I hid my [Whole Blueprints].
Please bring them to me as soon as possible.
Mission: Whole Blueprints x1
Oh-oh, you brought them back.
As long as I have this and the torn plans you gave me, I can recover most of my work!
Thank you very much indeed!
Come back after you complete your task!

6.To Show My Abilities

I'm glad that you are such a capable person.
Well, can I think of you as my close friend?
Haha, it's hard to meet a person like you. As you are now my friend, I feel like I can fly!
If I'm to fully display my talents, I need a supporter just like you.
If you help me, I'll help you get what you want!
Now, I will demonstrate my skills to the Ottoman Empire, not the Byzantine Empire.
Sadly, I doubt that the Ottoman Sultan [Mehmed II] would have an audience with me, dressed as I am now.
You have a lot of experience and a good look to you. The Sultan may like you.
Please show him this [Planning Draft] and tell him about me, then let me know what he thinks.
Hm, it wasn't enough to simply prove my competence.
I was impatient. With more preparation, he would have recognized my skills at once.
Come back after you complete your task!

7.Not Enough

It's true enough. I was in a hurry.
The plan was only a part of the whole picture which only a genius can understand.
I need plans which are more detailed and understandable.
Then, I will demonstrate drafts of my work.
I'll need more of my lost belongings.
You will help me, right?
Can you retrieve my [Bundled Equipment] from the [Farmer Conscripts], [Slave Conscripts], and [Militia Magicians]?
I thought I'd be able to rebuild what I lost, but I don't think it's possible.
Mission: Bundled Equipment x50
Thank you again.
I knew it would be no problem for you!
Come back after you complete your task!

8.Useful Lesson

Let me teach you something useful now that we can relax a little.
I don't have the money to go there, but I'm sure it'll be useful for you.
If you go to the Bazaar in [Rome], you will find a millionaire named [Medici].
If you open one of the [Boxes] he sells, you'll find some very useful things in there!
They are mostly items you can use to train your mercenaries, but if you get lucky, you might get some very nice equipment.
I don't give out this information to everyone.
Just consider it a simple entertainment.
While I am sorting through the Bundled Equipment you brought me, go visit [Medici] in [Rome] and open up a [Medici's Gold Box].
I wish you luck.

Tip: You can purchase a [Medici's Gold Box] from Medici at the Bazaar in Rome.
Mission: Use Medici's Gold Box x1
So, did you get something good?
Don't feel bad even if you didn't this time.
[Medici] isn't going anywhere.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Come back after you complete your task!

9.Material Supplement 1

Well then. Let's get ready!
I will make something great to show the Sultan my skills.
I can't leave here, so you should help me with a few things.
I need [Gold Thread] now. Can you supply it?
I need a lot.
Mission: Gold Thread x300
Oh! Thank you.
This is the blueprint that will be presented to the Sultan, decorating it with the gold thread is the least I can do!
Come back after you complete your task!

10.Material Supplement 2

I don't use any old ink on my plans.
I want to use my own formula of ink. You can pick out a forged plan if it's not written with my ink.
I will show you know how to make it. Can you supply me with 50 [Special Inks]?
You are the only one I trust to help me with this.

(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Special Ink] x50
You are the best! Thank you!
Now, it's time to write a plan to impress the Sultan.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Come back after you complete your task!

11.This Is Great

Great! I can confidently say this plan is detailed, easy to understand and perfect. The Sultan will accept this promptly.
Haha, this proves how talented I am.
Please go and see Sultan [Mehmed II] with this [Completed Blueprint].
I will gain the Sultan's confidence as you do!
You're back at last.
Any good news?
Haha, I knew it!
Now, everyone will know my name, the great [Orban]!
Come back after you complete your task!

12.My True Talent

Oh! He wants me to make a cannon!?
How happy I am!
Now, I can demonstrate the full extent of my real abilities. My brilliant skills are about to be recognized!
Let me dance.
Good! I will make the most powerful cannon the Ottoman Empire - no, the world - has ever seen!
I'll need your help for this.
Of course, I can't leave this place while I'm busy putting together the cannon, can I?
This cannon will require some very special components.
For now, I need some [Opal].
Can you bring me some?
Mission: Opal x9
Thank you very much!
These are hard to find, but I knew you would get them this quickly!
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 120,000
  • Item: Ambrosia x50
Come back after you complete your task!

13.Who can compete with me?

It's been a while since I've worked on what I do best.
Well, there may be some other people who can make cannons.
However, no one is better than me!
My cannon is unique and powerful, not like the others.
I wonder who is the most famous cannon craftsman is.
I've heard there is a guy who travels the entire world and gets paid for teaching cannon crafting skills. Do you know his name?
Mission: Answer [Who can compete with me?] Question => Choi Moo Sun
[Choi Moo Sun]?
I've never heard the name before.
I've never even heard a name like it.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Come back after you complete your task!

14.Special Materials 1

Well, I don't care about him.
I don't have time for others who aren't as talented as me.
The most important thing to me is to finish this wonderful cannon as soon as possible!
Ah, that's right.
I need one more special material.
You know about the dangerous elephant warriors, don't you?
Of course, they're all insane.
I need ivory to make my cannon.
I can make my cannon stronger if I have ivory from the special elephants that the [Elephant Gunners] and [Elephant Cannoneers] ride on.
Please gather me 50 [Enchanted Ivory] from them.
Mission: Enchanted Ivory x30
These look dangerous.
Then they will make my cannon more powerful!
Come back after you complete your task!

15.Unexpected Materials

Hm, well.
This is totally unexpected.
I used up all of my hammers working on the most powerful and unique cannon that ever existed.
I don't mean to ask so much of you, but I can't do anything without you.
Could you bring me 30 Hammers [III] as soon as possible?
Mission: Hammer [III] x30
Thank you so much.
Now, I can resume making the cannon.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 120,000
Come back after you complete your task!

16.All Prepared 1

The cannon, my wonderful cannon, is almost done.
This cannon can do anything. I can destroy not only a castle but an entire country with this amazing cannon!
Now it is time to show this great weapon to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire and his soldiers.
Come on, take this [Contract of Cannon Delivery].
Go and see General [Ismet], whom the Sultan wants you to meet with.
Please give him the contract and tell him the cannon is all ready!
You gave him the contract?
I'll deliver the cannons soon.
Haha, the soldiers of the Ottoman Empire will be surprised by the cannons' power.
Come back after you complete your task!

17.A Cannonball to Match

My cannon performs best only with my special cannonballs.
If they don't use my cannonballs, my cannon might break down.
No, I can't allow that.
Now I will start on the cannonballs.
First of all I need [Gunpowder].
Please bring me 1,000 units of [Weak Gunpowder].
Mission: Weak Gunpowder x1000
Thank you.
You are the only one who can do this kind of work.
Come back after you complete your task!

18.Special Materials 2

In the Byzantine Empire, there are not only dangerous elephant warriors but also cavalrymen.
They are more dangerous than the elephant warriors.
Cavalrymen are as strong as elephant warriors, but faster. Can you imagine?
It was hard for me to get out of there, but at least I gathered some useful information. Isn't it nice to be informed?
I need special bardes from the horses of cavalryman. [Byzantine Cavalry] should have them.
The strength of the bardes is beyond your expectations.
I believe that I can make my special cannonballs with those bardes.
Can you bring me their [Strange Bardes]?
Mission: Strange Barde x30
Thank you again!
These will make my cannonballs, and the army of the Ottoman Empire, stronger.
Come back after you complete your task!

19.I Am So Talented

I am the only person who can make these special cannonballs.
As I told you, I'm really talented!
I've been wondering about that guy who is world renowned for his skill as a cannonball artisan.
What is the name of the guy who travels the entire world and gets paid to teach cannonball crafting technique?
Mission: Answer [I Am So Talented] Question => Lee Jang Sun
[Lee Jang Sun]?
He must be from the same country as Choi Moo Sun.
However, I'm sure that I am better than him.
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Come back after you complete your task!

20.Secret Materials

I can't craft all the cannonballs by myself. We need too many.
You should give me some more help.
I still need more gunpowder, I mean [Special Gunpowder], for my cannonballs.
Can you please make more of it?

(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Special Gunpowder] x100
Thank you very much!
Now I can make my cannonballs perfectly.
Come back after you complete your task!

21.All Prepared 2

Good, good!
Now all the cannonballs are ready.
My cannon and cannonballs will surprise everyone!
Take this [Contract of Cannonball Delivery] and meet with [Ismet].
Please tell him we are all done with the cannonballs!
Haha! I was wondering if I'd see you again.
I've heard the news of our victory!
I heard that they won battle after battle, and my cannon was perfect. Even I didn't expect this much!
I've become a legend now!
Everyone in the world will know my name.
I'm so happy to be here!
Come back after you complete your task!

22.My Decision Was Good

It was a good decision to be your friend and to lend my skills to the Ottoman Empire!
I could fully demonstrate all of my brilliant abilities. I don't want anything more.
Oh, the Sultan will give me a reward?
Of course!
He recognizes my talents, so he wants to give me a reward!
I have nothing to ask of you now.
I'll stay here and wait for the Sultan's orders. I will invent even more great cannons in the future!
As you've gained the confidence of the Ottoman Empire, you should go and see Sultan [Mehmed II]. He can help you find what you want.
Mission: Talk to [Mehmed II]
(No end text)
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Come back after you complete your task!

23.Trying to Recall

Why did you come back?
Is there anything I can help you with?
Oh, the Sultan wants to ask me for some information?
I will do whatever he wants since he recognizes my talents!
What does he want to know?
The... the troops in the palace?
Well, I don't know... I don't remember it clearly.
But I do remember those gross slave soldiers.
The [Elite Slave Soldiers] and [Slave Commanders] would know more than me.
Can you bring me their [Slave Soldier Records]?
Looking this over briefly... I understand that there are priests with unusual powers, and they are the true villains here.
These slave soldiers just follow their commands.
Come back after you complete your task!

24.This is All

Well, that's all I have for you.
I'm sorry I don't have more to tell you.
Frankly, I don't care about them because they aren't intelligent enough to understand my work.
I hope this information will help you.
Why don't you go back to see Sultan [Mehmed II].
I will start working on my next cannon.
Thank you so much, my friend!
Mission: Talk to [Mehmed II]
(No end text)
  • Experience: 450,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Come back after you complete your task!