Pat Garrett - Dallas Lawless District

Dallas Lawless District
Pat Garrett

QuestPat Garrett - Dallas Lawless District
NPCPat Garrett
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

[Pat Garrett]
A sheriff of Lincoln County. He followed his enemy into Dallas, but he became old and weak. He is helplessly waiting for someone to come and help him.
Dallas Quest
Location: Dallas Lawless District

1.Where is this?

Oh-ho! A visitor? To a place like this?
Hmm... You look like a foreigner to me...
Well, whatever... Nice to meet you!
I am Pat Garrett, just an old retired Sheriff.
I am too old to shoot or travel a long distance, but I can still take care of myself here.
Perhaps... You don't know where this place is?
Oh my god!!
You came here not knowing where this place is?
Hurry! Click the M key to find where this place is.
Mission: Game Info -> Open World Map
That's right. This is Dallas, one of the most notorious cities in North America.
It's a true lawless territory ruled by power and money.
All you need is power and money in this place and nothing else!
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
My name is Pat Garrett. Have you heard of that name?
I am the Sheriff of Lincoln County.

2.Look Around the Town

You might not understand, but you'd better keep on going where you were headed if you're just stopping by here.
This is not a good place for travelers.
You are stubborn for a youth...
There's nothing to be gained by staying here.
Then just take a look around this town. That may change your mind.
Go up left at the forked road over there, and you will see a tiny [Saloon]. You should stop by there first.
You can also ask [Anita] to guide you.
Oh, don't start a fight with the men with guns while on the road.
Came back?
Didn't those gunmen on the streets tried to pick a fight?
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

3.Transformed Field Animal 1

I heard that this place used to be better with nice and kind-hearted people.
However, when I arrived here, I couldn't find any traces of happiness here.
The people here started straying aimlessly through the street as if they got possessed. Some people got into random fights.
People started to leave town one by one and this place soon became an abandoned town.
It's the strangest thing.
More and more people draw their gun against each over trivial matters.
Maybe that's the reason why this town became the haven of criminals and [Wanted Men].
Dang! If travelers coming to Dallas didn't turn around after being scared by something like [Megatheriums], this town wouldn't be such a bad place!
I would have kicked out all the useless Megatheriums if I was just 5 years younger.
Huh? You?
They may look gentle, but Megatheriums'll put up quite a fight when they're in groups.
Lately they turned violent and started attacking folk. Dangerous critters.
Since you're so determined, try dropping the numbers of the [Lazy Megatheriums] that scare off travelers from south of Detroit.
Mission: Kill [Lazy Megatherium] x50
Huh... what a surprise!
It probably wasn't easy for you to put down them beasts, especially with that size!
  • Experience: 420,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

4.Transformed Field Animal 2

Come to think of it, those beasts started acting weird all of a sudden.
Usually docile animals went wild and attacked people.
Even the animals that were thought to be extinct for many years were spotted again and again.
Now, they live all over this continent.
You probably don't know since you are new to this country, but starting at some point, everything went crazy. Everything!!!
Nobody knows why or where it started... I don't even know what's normal no more.
I don't understand how all this happened...
The ones you put down, [Lazy Megatheriums], too. That animal went extinct long ago.
Maybe it's because their slow nature made them an easy target for other meat eaters, but anyway, that species is a foregone history now.

Huh? What did you say? You say they ain't slow?
Wait a minute! If the Lazy Megatheriums are not slow, then what is? Are there different types of them?
If there were monsters 'side the [Lazy Megatheriums] in the group, name them.
Mission: Answer [Transformed Field Animal 2] Question => Agile Megatherium
I'll be...
[Agile Megatherium]...?
This is a disaster!
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

5.Transformed Field Animal 3

This is more serious than just a mutation or a transformation. The slow quality of that animal is what makes 'em so unique... How could the mutation happen so fast?
This is unbelievable!
Eh? What did you say?
These are the traces of The Remains of Atlantis?
No way! Those legendary people sank into the ocean 1500 years ago after a huge explosion, right?
Ha-ha-ha! You must be daydreaming, huh? Some long-dead civilization's the reason for all these mutant beasts? Nonsense!
Didn't they disappear long ago? I mean, people nowadays are not even sure about if they actually existed or not, you know...
Anyway, I do agree that this ain't something to be overlooked.
I may just be a retired sheriff, but I can't ignore something like this.
I need to know more 'bout those [Agile Megatheriums]. Would you look into it for me?
Can you find out their [Hangout Place]?
HINT: You can find the Agile Megatheriums in the west of New York.
Mission: Acquire [Location Info] on [Agile Megatherium]
Oh... Good job!
This is the kind of thing we need to find out.
  • Experience: 112,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

6.Time for a Glass of Beer

However... It's a surprising sort of tale.
So you've been following the traces of this lost land, Atlantis, and you've all sorts of trouble around the world... Hmm...
Sounds like a tall tale. But it ain't the sort of thing I can just ignore, you know?
Well... The reappearance of extinct animals itself is weird enough...
But I don't know nothing about the [Oriharukon Sensor] you were talking about.
I don't see how something like that can be buried under the ground for so long, or how it could just start up again after so much time.
On top of that, it's only been a few hundred years since our forefathers moved to this land.
I mean, this place had no traces of civilization whatsoever other than some Indians who stayed here...
Anyway, I need some time...
Hmm... I could go for a nice glass of [Cold Beer] on a hot day like this!
...If you happen to pass by Bloody Dust, can you bring me a glass of cold beer? Talk to [Anita], she'll serve you a glass.
Mission: Cold Beer x1
Oh! That hits the spot!
Time for a glass of cold beer on a hot day!
I can enjoy the summer because of this, ha-ha-ha...
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

7.Malicious Animals

Ah... This beer brings back old memories...
I tell you I'm a retired sheriff?
To be honest, I am not from here...
I was the Sheriff of Lincoln County.
There is a reason why I came to this town.
I followed my lifelong enemy into this town.
It's my last mission...
There was one bandit that I started to chase after when I became a sheriff. He used different names to kill people and he even escaped from prison.
Have you ever heard of [William Bonney]?
It's his most frequently used alias.
The important thing is, most people don't know it's an alias. The list of crimes he's committed is endless.
I could take days to tell you the whole story. It would be much easier for you if you can read the papers I compiled.
Most of my documents were eaten by [Armadillos] that've been stirring up trouble lately.
It would be much easier for me to tell you the story if you bring me the documents. Do you think it's possible?
You can find the [Armadillos] if you go straight east from town.
Mission: Trace Records x40
Oh! This is it!
Ha-ha! Very well done.
  • Experience: 700,000
  • Gold: 400,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

8.Life of Machine Gun Brooks 1

Come to think of it, it's weird that the armadillos, which usually sleep in the day, started showing up during the day...
They were only capable of damaging the crops by sneaking into the corn fields up 'til now. But now, they come into town and kill people.
What happened?
Hmm... Like you said, that old relic of Atlantis called [Oriharukon Sensor] might be causing a ruckus throughout the world.
However, I don't have the time for that.
The book-binding is done.
Would you read this?
This is the records about him that I've compiled over my lifetime.
Mission: Read [Chaser Vol. 1]
* Chaser Vol. 1 *We've been chasing him for several months now.
He was born in New York, but relocated to New Mexico with his mother.
When she died, he turned to a life of crime.
His first arrest was at the age of 16, but he promptly broke out of prison.
He was arrested again two years later, this time for murder.
But he escaped again.
This is no ordinary criminal.

I've been on his tail for a six months.
He moves so fast, it's difficult to pick up his trail.
But I will catch him no matter the cost.
Justice will be served.
If I capture him, I'll publish this as a book.
Please buy my book when that time comes. Ha-ha-ha!
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

9.A Toast to the Lady

Thinking about what you've told me, maybe that thing is here in town.
But I'm also pretty new to 'round these parts, so don't know much about this town.
Ah, that's right!
Maybe [Anita] at the Bloody Dust might know something about it.
Why don't you visit her?
How was the visit?
Did you get something out of her?
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

10.The Evidence of Battle

Hmm... Like Anita said, there's something wrong with this town. I ain't just talking 'bout the problems on the surface, but also the ones hidden below.
Maybe, like you mentioned, the Hidden Remains of Atlantis is behind all this.
But... I'm too old for this...
If I were 10 years younger, I would've handled this myself... But these bones are too old for this.
Eh? You?
Even though you look pretty tough, I'm not so sure. This place is too different from the places you've been to.
The armor you're wearing is too thin to protect you from the bandits' bullets.
This is a much more dangerous place.
Huh... You don't believe me, do you?
That's fine. How 'bout this? If you complete all my training, then I will help you figure things out.
First... kill [Sunset Desperados] and [Wasteland Desperados] and bring all their weapons as the evidence.
One or two guns are not enough, you know what I mean? Come on. Now prove yourself to me!
Mission: Old Revolver x50
Ha, that'll do.
You're strong enough to survive my training, I reckon.
  • Experience: 750,000
  • Gold: 500,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

11.Sheriff's Training 1

Let's get to training.
You better get ready, since I used to be known as The Lion of Lincoln County.
The first part of battle is seeing it all in your head.
In other words, you got to see ahead. Know what your opponent's about to do, then what you'll do in response, and even further.
It ain't so easy as it sounds, either.
It's a good idea to observe many other people's battles. How do they attack the enemy? How do they react to the enemy's attack?
Tell me, what's the best way to improve your strategy?
Input number of the correct answer.
1: Observe Others
2: Go on a Tour
3: Drinking Tea
4: Training Montage
Mission: Answer [Sheriff's Training 1] Question => 1
Darn straight. You've got a good head on your shoulders.
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

12.Sheriff's Training 2

Now, it's about you and your friends... I know you always enter the battle with your mercenaries.
Ok. Now, let's consider one of your friends got fatally wounded.
If one mercenary gets wounded like that and their defense drops severely, sometimes you just can't recover from that.
Practice switching your mercenaries during a battle.
You must practice it at least twice.
HINT: The Merc. Room should be activated and there should be mercenaries in it.
You can choose the faces of the mercenaries at the bottom of the right corner of the screen during battle.
Mission: Change merc. while in battle x2
You can control the flow of battle with that.
There's a limit in each fight how many times y'can do this, but depending on the situation, you can always use it to your advantage.
I hope you realize that, because, from time to time, you will face enemies who are much stronger than you.
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

13.The Lady's Request

Oh boy, it was just getting interesting.
Drinking this cold beer without nothing else is somewhat strange.
Nothing goes better than Potato Chips with beer.
Humph. Mind if I ask you another favor?
Could you get some [Potato Chips] from Anita?
Consider it a part of your training.
Mission: Potato Chip x1
There is no better beer snack than Potato Chip!
Thanks! I really enjoyed it. Ha, ha!
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

14.Sheriff's Training 3

Let's continue with the training.
This might be a little more challenging for you!
I don't know for how long, but I understand you've been fighting battles in a party of nine.
The more partners you have, the more dependent you become.
In other words, you inadvertently let your guard down because of your lack of self-reliance.
Y'see, numbers ain't everything. A smaller group can move quicker and overwhelm your foes from the very start of a fight. If you haven't, you really ought to try fighting with 2 or more of your mercenaries disabled.
Why don't you have a seat and mull that over for a while?
Mission: Sit (Shortcut X)
Now, I reckon there are times you want to bring your full posse with you. It all depends on the situation, don't it?
  • Experience: 112,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

15.Can't finish all the drinking snacks...

I drank all my beer while you were away.
If you don't mind, would you go get some beer from Anita?
I usually don't ask a favor like this, but I still have some Potato Chips left.
Go and get some beer for me.
Don't forget. This is part of the training!
Mission: Bottled Beer x1
Oh... What took you so long?
What would you do if you were me? I mean you can't just eat these tasty potato chips alone without a glass of beer, can you?
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

16.Life of Machine Gun Brooks 2

You killed [Elegant Catherine]?
Wow... I wasn't expecting that! I knew Catherine is not an ordinary person...
Oh... never mind. Tongue slipped.
Just forget it.
Anyway... While you were gone, I finished another book-binding.
Would you read it for me?
Mission: Read [Chaser Vol. 2]
* Chaser Vol. 2 *I've finally taken him into custody.
He's been locked away in Lincoln County Jail, a high-security prison.
Now the two deputies he murdered can finally rest in peace.
I've finally done it.
I think I can rest now.

Oh, no! He escaped again!
And he killed two secretaries in the process.
He'd broken out twice before, but I didn't think he'd be able to slip past security at Lincoln County Jail.
He was a grand criminal.
He escaped from Lincoln County Prison, a jail known for its security and history of not one prison break.
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

17.Civilization Across the Ocean

Come to think of it, there are too many unexplainable mysteries in this world of ours.
Things I can't believe even after seeing them with my own two eyes.
Maybe, it is true that there are the remains of Atlantis out there.
You told me that you've been to many places following the Remains of Atlantis, right?
Then, do you know anything about an eastern country that has a lot of new types of guns...?
Have you been there too?
Oh! Such countries really exist, huh?
Then... maybe... if you happen to have a gun from that country, can you Dismantle it for me?
I want to see how it's made.
Mission: Dismantle [Ghost Gunner Rifle] x1
Wow... this is crazy!
Hmm... it might have less power, but it definitely use a different system from our guns.
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 100,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

18.The Plot of the Coal Mine 1

However, if that [Oriharukon Sensor] really exists, I think I know where you might be able to find it...
You might have guessed it by now but it's inside of the coal mine.
But before you do anything, you might want to make friends with the miner they call "Wild Blue". He knows the coal mine inside and out.
Why don't you go talk to him for a bit?
Oh, by the way, can you get a [Steel Trigger] from him?
I want to try making a new rifle after seeing the inside of that gun you dismantled.
Wild is working at the coal mine, but he's also very good with metals.
Mission: Steel Trigger x1
Oh, you came back! This is it!
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

19.Sheriff's Training 4

Hmm... been a while since I trained you, huh?
I know it might be boring and simple, but there's nothing more important than basic trainings.
I think my training helped you beat Catherine.
Now, this'll be our last lesson.
If you look in your pocket, you'll find a [Blessing Potion].
I got it from a traveler who was passing through here. He owed me a favor from long ago... I heard that this'll toughen up your physical and spiritual power instantly, along with your attack power.
It's of no use to folk like me because we rely on guns all the time, but it might come in handy for you.
Win at least 5 fights using this [Blessing Potion].
TIP: You can proceed the Quest only when you battle with the monsters.
Mission: Win a Battle with Blessing x5
Hmm... now come to think of it, you look very similar to that one traveler I met.
Maybe not so much about your face, but your style and vibe...
  • Experience: 98,000
  • Gold: 125,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

20.Lawless Coal Town

Hmm... I recall that young man said that us humans are the only hope if that evil power of Atlantis ever takes over the world...
If we band together and put up a fight, we can win the war...
At the time I thought it was nonsense... but now come to think of it, he was trying to tell me something very important.
What was his name?
Hmm... That's right! His name was [Aaron].
He looked like a very dependable and dignified young man.
Nothing left for me to teach you.
I still need your help, though.
Would you mind going to Wild and fetching me some [Refined Gunpowder]?
Mission: Refined Gunpowder x1
Thank you!
This rifle I'm working on's starting to look like an actual gun!
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

21.Gun Crafting 1

To be honest...
There's one enemy of mine I've always been destined to hunt down.
He was a cruel criminal that threatened and killed many good citizens...
I chased him my whole life and finally tossed him in Lincoln County Prison. But even then he got away after killing two of the prison's guards.
I am too old and weak... I ain't got the strength left to chase him...
All I have left is a sense of duty...
Anyhow, I want to know your tracking and networking abilities first.
How fast can you locate gun craftsmen from all around the world?
Can you show to me?
Mission: Open [Artisans] in [Community]
I see. So that's how many craftsmen there are what can make powerful guns...
I guess there's hope for us yet!
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

22.Gun Crafting 2

I know you were a little bit abashed when I asked you to gather such information.
But the enemy you need to confront is no ordinary being.
His weapon in particular is the most frightful weapon I've ever seen. It turns everything into dust.
Yes... I've seen him here before...
As soon as I saw him, I was so afraid I couldn't even move my feet.
A demon... He looked like a demon, a Demon of Death.
So I have one last favor to ask. Could you make me a [Revolver]?
I've already learned much about weapons from what you've shown me, but I just don't have the energy left in me to make it myself.
Particularly, that [Special Gunpowder] is one of something only you can make. Please do this for me.
Tip: You must first make the [Special Gunpowder] in Quest Crafting, and then make the quest item [Revolver].
Mission: Craft [Revolver] x1
Thank you kindly.
Just in case you fail, I need to be prepared to kill him.
  • Experience: 280,000
  • Gold: 700,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

23.The Plot of the Coal Mine 2

I think he's hiding somewhere deep inside the coal mine.
I wanted to search for him myself, but I've failed all my attempts.
As soon as I enter the mine, the workers came after me like they lost their minds. They were really trying to kill me.
The workers at the mines ain't normal.
I had to run away... There were so many of them and I was frightened.
I don't know how to thank you for all of your help.
Now, please go meet Wild.
He will help you from now on.
Oh... You came back!
Were you able to infiltrate the coal mine?
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

24.Strange Creatures in the Coal Mine?

What? There are strange, inhuman creatures in the coal mine?
Huh, I can't believe it! Strange Creatures?
They work in the mines and pull wagons... What are they called?
They're all under Brooks' control, huh?
Mission: Answer [Strange Creatures in the Coal Mine?] Question => Mun
They are Muns...
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 25,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

25.Miraculous Herbs from the East 1

The Mun...
Oh my god! I think they might be the ones who followed the money into this town. And somehow they got mutated into those weird looking creatures!
[Mun] and [Money]...
Even the pronunciation is similar!
If they really were humans... then it's a serious problem!
I heard that there's a miraculous herb called [Ginseng] from a small country in the east.
Can you bring me 500 of those? Hurry!
Mission: Ginseng x500
Good job.
If I use this, maybe I can stop more people from turning into monsters.
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 25,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

26.Miraculous Herbs from the East 2

[Ginseng]'s a root that looks like a human body.
It calms your mind, brightens your eyes, and makes you wise. Heard it makes you live longer, too, if you take it for a long time.
Isn't it miraculous?
Now, please give this chopped Ginseng to Anita.
Hurry! We are running out of time!
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

27.The Secrets of Oriharukon

Yes... that's why...
Now everything's clear. Now I even understand why Machine Gun Brooks doesn't get old, but gets stronger as time goes by...
But I simply can't believe it.
These things happen in myth, ain't supposed to happen in real life...
How could an ore give out such energy so as to mutate human beings?
I guess I heard that the ancient Atlantians used to use the power they got from decompositing a certain kind of mineral.
Hmm... what was the name of it?
Do you happen to know the name?
Mission: Answer [The Secrets of Oriharukon] Question => Oriharukon
That's right! That is the name!
They used the power that came from decompositing [Oriharukon].
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

28.The Existence of Atlantis 1

Long time ago, I heard that there was a continent called Atlantis. By decompositing Oriharukon, they were able to generate great power.
And that's why the physical and mental power of Atlantians were unbeatably strong.
They looked like humans, but they were a lot more advanced than that. They were Atlantians.
And I guess the mineral that's similar to [Oriharukon] came from Atlantis.
[Machine Gun Brooks] told people that mineral is Oriharukon to draw people to Dallas. He used that and turned that place into a fort.
Now, please go tell everyone about this, hurry!
Welcome back!
You've defeated [Machine Gun Brooks]...
When I heard that news, I almost fainted, ha-ha!!!
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 25,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

29.Life of Machine Gun Brooks 3

Whew... now everything comes to an end. It's been a long journey for me.
I've chased him my whole life, but couldn't put an end to it... and here you are, you've done it for me.
I am not sure how to thank you...
Come to think of it, I guess the gun you made for me is useless now.
Ha... ha...
If I'd have killed him by sniping, he would've been ashamed to use the name [Machine Gun Brooks].
Oh, I' finished my book.
Mind reading it one last time?
Mission: Read [Chaser Vol. 3]
* Chaser Vol. 3 *I've been searching for this guy for a couple of months.
But people here have never heard of him.
He must be using an alias.
I know some of the names he's gone by in the past.
The people here know him as [William Bonney]. That's a name everyone seems to recognize.

When we finally met face to face, he had changed so much that I was no longer a match for him.
He saw that I was powerless, and walked right by me.
Maybe there is no justice here.
Justice is useless without the power to enforce it.
How is it?
Do you think it will sell? Ha, ha!
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.

30.Detroit, the City of Machines

With your help, things've settled down in these parts.
I am only a retired sheriff, but I would like to thank you on behalf of our government.
Now, I can go back to Lincoln County.
Thank you!
In a way, I have spent my entire life catching Brooks.
I never thought about anything else but catching him. I thought it was the purpose of my life.
Now I have finally accomplished my lifelong goal!
Oh, by the way, the Machine Gun Brooks also went by Billy the Kid.
Have you heard of that name?
Come to think of it, [The Life of Billy the Kid] would be better for my book title, ha-ha!
Thanks! Thank you so much!
Oh, by the way, about those remains of Atlantis that you are looking for...
Please visit [Henry Ford] in Detroit.
I can't say for sure, but he might know something.
Maybe, the city that has the most advanced machines in North America might have some connection to Atlantis!
Mission: Talk to [Henry Ford]
Ha... ha..
  • Experience: 70,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Come back when you are done with what you're doing.