Raging Wind - Druid

Raging Wind

QuestRaging Wind - Druid
NPCRaging Wind
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

My name is Raging Wind.

Final Reward::

[Raging Wind]
A boy of the Giant Bear Tribe, who is in training to become a Druid. He was told that he needs to become one with nature to become a true Druid warrior. However, he has not yet fully grasped the meaning of this task.
Druid Recruitment Quest
Location: Inside of Coyote's Valley

1.Ancient Soul's Offerings I

Greetings! Are you a traveler?
My name is Raging Wind.
I am a warrior training to be a [Druid], a being that completely integrates himself with nature.
If you're traveling the world, you could probably use a strong ally. How about taking me along?
I can be of immense help!
Ah? You're not balking at me because I'm a small kid, are you?
How dare you! I'm a warrior!
I'm not a Druid yet...
But I'll be one soon for sure!
If only I had the Ancient Soul's Offerings...
You are a traveler, right?
You must have been all over the world and seen many rare treasures. Haven't you?
Perhaps you have walked the deep places within Coyote's Valley.
I'm not sure where it is exactly, but if you happen to find something called the [Shining Gold Sickle], can you bring it to me?
It's one of the Ancient Soul's Offerings, and I hear I can summon the Ancient Druid's soul if I collect all three offerings.
HINT: You can acquire the Shining Gold Sickle through the Reward Box of the Coyote's Valley Dungeon.
You brought it!
I didn't expect to actually get to see this...
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
If I collect all three Ancient Soul's Offerings and perform the ritual, then I can be a Druid, too!

2.Ancient Soul's Offerings II

I hear that you've got to integrate yourself with nature to be a Druid, but I don't know what that means.
The reason I started training to be a warrior is that I want to leave the haven and see the world.
According to legend...
In order to summon the soul of [Naruk], who led the Giant Bear tribe 400 years ago, you have to do this one ritual...
To do the ritual, you need the 'Shining Gold Sickle' to represent a fruitful harvest, the 'Giant Bull's Horn' to represent gratitude towards nature, and the 'Heavenly Crystal', which symbolizes the pureness of the soul.
It's true! There were some warriors who became Druids using that ritual, and since you got me one of the offerings, I think I can become one too!
Let me see. The next offering is the [Giant Bull's Horn], and I'm sure you can get it in Coyote's Valley, too.
HINT: You can acquire the Giant Bull's Horn through the Reward Box of Coyote's Valley Dungeon.
Mission: Giant Bull's Horn x1
Wow, you actually brought it.
Just one more offering, and I'll be able to summon the previous chief's soul!
  • Experience: 4,000,000
  • Gold: 250,000
If I collect all three Ancient Soul's Offerings and perform the ritual, then I can be a Druid, too!

3.Ancient Soul's Offerings III

This is it.
If we get a 'Heavenly Crystal' that represents the soul's pureness, then we're good to go!
However, there is a small problem.
The chief has the Heavenly Crystal now.
Because there're so many warriors who want to become Druids, the chief declared that the crystal will only be given to those who are exceptionally skilled.
I've... I failed so many times that I don't have any confidence left.
So, do you think you can win the chief over and get the Heavenly Crystals for me?
I know it's not going to be easy, but I can't give up now, can I?
The chief's name is [Earth-Listener].
I'm begging you. Please?
Mission: Heavenly Crystal x100
Now I can be a Druid, too!
Wait a second. I'll do the ritual.

Greetings, traveler!
I am Naruk, the soul of the Druid now dwelling in this boy.
I believe he must have sought to become a Druid himself using my power.
Druids can only share their power with someone who has become one with nature. Although I willingly share my power with those skilled enough to become Druids, I never impart my power to anyone who is ignorant of the power of nature. Therefore, it is meaningless to summon me now.
Please inform him of this when he awakens.
If I collect all three Ancient Soul's Offerings and perform the ritual, then I can be a Druid, too!