Snegurochka - Dinosaur Master

Dinosaur Master

QuestSnegurochka - Dinosaur Master
Required level88
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

She is an animal tamer from the Circus and goes way back with Sviatki. Her nickname is Dinosaur Master Rochka.
Dinosaur Master Quest
Ded Moroz's Staff Quest
Location: Lost Volcano Valley
In order to reset the quest, you must complete Sviatki's quest.

1.General and Brave Soldiers

Oh my God!
How are you here so soon, general?
Please, have a seat!
I sent for you just a moment ago, and yet you're already here. You must be very eager to get your hands on it.
Huh. You know what I'm talking about, of course.
Oh, general. Stop kidding around. You don't think I've lost it, do you?
You know the item I'm talking about.
The item of interest, adorned with multi-hewed jewels, bearing great power...
Are you certain that you've brought your best men?
The last general who ventured into Volcano Valley never returned.
When word of this spread, no one was willing to help me.
If you don't make it back... then...
If you don't mind, I would like to take a look at your soldiers. Just in case they've been infiltrated by the enemy. You never know, sir.
Input the number of the correct answer.
1: Be my guest.
2: How do I know YOU haven't been infiltrated?!
Mission: Answer [General and Brave Soldiers] Question => 1
I knew you could do it, General Kurbsky!
That's a relief.
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

2.Prove It

Don't try to tell me you're not General Kurbsky.
Oh my...
I must have mistaken you for him, but I'm not sure how...
If you are not general Kurbsky, then...
Who are you?
Why would you come out this far?
You must be someone important, judging from your clothes.
A-ha! You must be a general from somewhere else!
If you are a real General, you can prove it, right?
Something like...
Sviatki told me that generals and other people of high stature carry a [Warrior's Sign] with them.
Where's yours?
Mission: Warrior's Sign x1
Why'd it take you so long to show it to me?
You can have it back, now that I've seen it.
I was expecting something... more impressive.
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

3.You want it for free?

Since General Kurbsky isn't here, you can do the job in his stead.
There is an active volcano not far from here, to the east.
Your job is to go into the valley, see what's in there and bring back any treasure that you find.
That doesn't sound so difficult, does it?
The treasure we're after is hidden there precisely because of how dangerous and inaccessible the valley is.
Ah, I'm hungry. I can't discuss business on an empty stomach.
I want warm [Fish Stew]. But I don't know how to make it...
If you happen to know how to make fish stew, could you please make 10 servings?
Once I get some food in me I'll tell you more of the Volcano Valley's secrets.
Unless you don't know how to make it, that is.

Hint: [My Info - Skills - Quest Crafting]
Mission: Craft [Fish Stew] x10
Thank you.
A hot meal is waiting for us, so why don't we talk while we eat?
You didn't happen to hear anything about missing travelers and townsfolk, did you?
Most people believe that those who have gone missing are sinners who were punished by God, but that is not the case.
Few know the truth: that the missing people were taken by the monsters in Volcano Valley.
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 50,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

4.Volcano Valley Expert

You seem to have taken that in stride. Even your mercenaries...
I suppose you've encountered even more terrifying monsters in your travels.
Enough talk, let's prepare for your trip to Volcano Valley.
First thing's first. Go see [Sviatki]. She will tell you everything you need to know about the volcano.
Mission: Talk to [Sviatki]
Ah, you're back. What did she tell you?
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 40,000
She is in Northwestern Moscow.

5.Special Mask

Hmm... she didn't tell you anything?
Well, you'll definitely need a special mask to protect you from the volcano's toxic fumes.
I wonder why she didn't tell you that.
Unfortunately, only she has the white fur required to make such a mask.
Please go to Sviatki and get the materials we need.
Mission: White Fur x1
Oh my... good job!
White fur is an important component of the mask's filter.
Unlike masks made of cloth or common leather, this filter can protect you from even the finest toxic particles.
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

6.Special Mask 2

I've done it!
I made yours first.
Does it fit?
That looks uncomfortable...
Sorry... please bear with me for a little bit.
Alright, I've finished your mask. Now to make masks for your soldiers...
What?... What the...!
Ah... I'm sorry, general.
I thought I had everything I needed, but in order to make enough masks for all your soldiers, I'll need a lot more [Embroidery Thread].
Could you find some for me?
Mission: Embroidery Thread x200
You brought enough for all of your soldiers?
Okay. I will try my best.
(Hahaha... Where did all this come from?)
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 40,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

7.Foundations of Training

Hff... This is not easy.
It's actually a very tedious job.
You need to cut long, thin strips in just the right size to line the mask, and you have to hold the filter in place while you do it...
Am I boring you?
You're falling asleep. You must be bored, sitting here with nothing to do.
Would you like to read a book or something while you wait?
Mission: Read [Rochka's Guide]
Rochka's GuideBefore beginning your training, ask yourself this question:
Do you really love animals?
Training animals and torturing them are not the same thing.
Remember, the bigger and angrier they are, the more love they need.

Mastering these skills requires intense concentration.
Tamers who train dangerous animals like lions or tigers spend evey morning sharpening pencils. If they are careless enough to break the lead, they cancel training for that day.
You read it already?
That book is all about animal training.
It even taught me how to train an elephant.
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

8.Test of Concentration

Don't you want to learn how to train animals?
It's actually very creative work. I will teach you as best as I can.
It might seem useless now, but you never know when it will come in handy...
You really want to do this, huh?
Alright, I will teach you.
It will take years to master, but you should be able to learn the basics in just a couple of days.
Lesson 1: Concentration!
A skilled beast tamer must be able to subdue her opponent before it has a chance to react.
Let's test your concentration.
Please win 5 battles using a [Blessing Potion].
Mission: Win a Battle with Blessing x5
Great job!
Now you have to learn to use a tamer's whip.
Are you ready?
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

9.Tamer's Kit

In order to train animals, you need a whip, right?
The junior tamers are supposed to fix the seniors' broken whips and use them for practice.
This allowed tamers-in-training to use worn-in whips that are easier to handle.
But by tradition, the senior tamers will intentionally damage the whips before they are given to beginners.
This forces the juniors to mend the whips, and so they are able to remake the whips to suit their own size and technique.
Now, it's your turn. Would you please go and make your own whip?
If you ask Sviatki, she tells you what materials you need to craft it.

Hint: [My Info - Skills - Quest Crafting]
Mission: Craft [Training Whip] x1
Wow, this is a great whip!
Sviatki didn't secretly give you a completed whip, did she?
Hahaha... just kidding!
You just can't take a joke, huh?
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Go see Sviatki.
You should be able to find her in Northwestern Moscow.

10.Truth of the Rumor

I've trained more than just wild animals.
I used to train raptors, one of the monsters living in the Volcano Valley.
There might have been another trainer who could do so as well...
I am proud to be a beast trainer.
I so enjoyed training raptors that I quit my job at the circus.
But my happiness was short-lived.
Eventually, the raptors stopped obeying my orders.
They started to attack me, as if I were their prey.
I knew something was wrong, so I fled from Volcano Valley.
I promised myself I would never set foot in the valley again.
About a month later, strange rumors started to circulate around town.
At first, I paid them no mind, but over time the rumors got worse.
My God...
There were strange stories about a carriage that disappeared, a group of missing children, some kind of monster...
And I was to blame for all of it, because I never told anyone about the monsters in the valley.
I feel I can trust you.
Can you please go kill the Volcanic Raptors in the Volcanic Wasteland?
I beg you.
Mission: Kill [Volcanic Raptor] x45
Oh, my...!
You killed all the dinosaurs?
Thank you so much! It can't have been easy.
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

11.Sviatki's Somniloquy

There are many kinds of animals in this world, but not that many of them can be trained.
It requires a certain level of intelligence for an animal to be trained. If the trained raptors became wild all of sudden, there must be something behind it.
Maybe this is all because of that [Ori-] something sensor?
I don't remember what that word was, but I remember Sviatki mumbling something about that in her sleep...
Do you have any idea?
If you do, please tell me.
You've travelled around the world. Maybe you've heard something?
Mission: Answer [Sviatki's Somniloquy] Question => Oriharukon
That's right!
Sviatki called it [Oriharukon].
But what does that have to do with Volcano Valley...
Huh... I will ask Sviatki about it later.
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 45,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

12.Foundations of Training 2

But I digress. Let's get back to your training.
Hmm... Where was I?
That's right! I was going to teach you how to use a whip.
Now we test your agility. Let's say you needed to be agile on the battlefield. What would you do to boost your action power?
Enter the number of the correct answer.
1: Strip down to my underwear so my armor doesn't slow me down.
2: Disable 2 mercenaries from the Formation menu.
Mission: Answer [Foundations of Training 2] Question => 2
Good job!
Now you've seen how agile your mercenaries become when there are fewer of you in your formation.
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 60,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.


Different tactics are required to defeat different kinds of animals.
You must act quickly to defeat large animals like lions or elephants, but defeating smaller, quicker animals requires a more subtle, careful approach.
Why don't you practice stalking forward quietly?
Hint: Try holding the right and left buttons on the mouse at the same time.
Mission: Move by clicking the left and right mouse buttons simultaneously (5 seconds)
Great job!
Now you know enough to start training animals on your own.
Sviatki can teach you anything else you need to know.
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 45,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

14.The Enemy of the World

*Cough. Cough.*
Excuse me, general.
The smoke from Volcano Valley makes it hard to breathe...
Can we take a break and then continue in a bit?
Thank you for understanding.
Then, in the meantime, would you go kill about 40 Ash Basilisks in Volcano Valley?
Raptors and basilisks are both enemies of peace. I want to dispose of them.
Mission: Kill [Ash Basilisk] x40
Ah... That's better.
Did you kill all of them?
  • Experience: 50,000
  • Gold: 60,000
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

15.A Sedative

But compared to the monsters deeper inside of Volcano Valley, the raptors and basilisks are nothing.
Since you seem like you can handle it, I'll tell you the truth.
There are deceitful, frivolous monsters called Volcano Goblins in the deepest end of Volcano Valley.
I need to tell you the rest of the story... but I can't...
Thinking back to the day I first found them makes me shudder...
Do you happen to know how to make a sedative?
If you do, please make me one.
I beg you...
Hint: [My Info - Skills - Quest]
Mission: Craft [Sedative] x1
Whew... I feel better now.
I used to be the picture of health, but now I can't live without my medicine.
This must be the Volcano Goblins' doing, they cast some kind of spell on me.
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
Bring me the sedative.

16.Wicked Volcano Goblins

I'd surely be dead if not for my medicine.
You know, I think Sviatki hates medicine.
Every time I ask for medicine, she tells me, try to avoid medicine even if you are sick.
Because it's not a good way to overcome illness.
But I can't help it.
I lose myself and faint several times a day. In order to stay awake, I need to take medicine.
I need to ask you a favor.
Please, get rid of those Volcano Goblins in Volcano Valley.
My symptoms started the moment I first heard the frivolous and deceitful laughter of those goblins...
Mission: Kill [Volcano Goblin] x45
Oh... thank you. I feel much better now.
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

17.Salamander Valley

Sviatki thinks there might be other creatures deep within the Volcano Valley.
I was going to ask General Kurbsky to take a look further in...
Since you're here, would you go take a look?
Do you mind?
Hint: [Game Info - Field Info]
Mission: Open Game Info - Field Info - [Lost Volcano Valley: Salamander Valley]
...Did you take a look?
  • Experience: 30,000
  • Gold: 40,000
If you are not sure what to do,
please refer to the hint.

Hint: [Game Info - Field Info]

18.Baby Fire Dragon

Salamander Valley?
That doesn't make any sense.
I spent years there training the raptors, but I never once saw a fire dragon.
How could a mythical creature like that be hiding under my nose the whole time?
What's going on?
I don't understand...
No, wait!
I think I remember now!
While I was training raptors, I once saw a cute little dragon with wings on its back.
That might have been a baby fire dragon.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Return to Salamander Valley and see what you can find.
If you find one, see if you can't obtain a baby fire dragon's item information.
No easy task, but I believe in you!
Mission: Acquire [Item Info] on [Baby Fire Dragon]
You're awesome!
You've actually brought back the fire dragon's information...
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
There's no time to waste, go to the Salamander Valley!

19.Sviatki's Antidote

According to the information you gathered, baby fire dragons use the poison in their claws to paralyze their prey. Then they cook them with their fiery breath and eat them.
Oh my God!
You look so pale.
I think you've been infected by fire dragon poison!
The multi-talented Sviatki should be able to make an antidote.
Why don't you try to convince her to give it to you?
Mission: Sviatki's Antidote x1
Judging from the look on your face, Sviatki made you do something to get the antidote.
Anyhow, you should be safe now.
  • Experience: 40,000
  • Gold: 50,000
She is in Northwestern Moscow.

20.Secret Antidote

Hey, general!
This's strange.
The bottle says it's an antidote, but I'm afraid it's just Aspirin.
We have to do something to keep the poison from spreading!
We don't have time to get another antidote from Sviatki.
Our only hope is this secret antidote my teacher gave me.
Come on, drink up!
Mission: Use Secret Antidote x1
How is it? Doesn't it taste like vodka?
It warms you up, huh?
Until you fully recover, why don't I tell you more about me, when I was young...?
Using my teacher's recipe reminds me of the old days.
I'm an orphan.
I don't know where I was born, who were my parents... I don't know why I was born into the harsh streets, forced to steal food to feed my empty stomach.
All I remember is that every time I stole something, I was caught and beaten simply for trying to survive...
Not long ago, I was a homeless transient living on the streets. One cold winter's day 3 years ago, an old woman took me away from all of that.
I'd been beaten, and passed out on the street. But she came to my aid and gave me some medicine.
The taste was revolting, but it smelled so good that I couldn't resist drinking the entire bottle.
After that, my pain and hunger disappeared. It was a miracle.
I later learned that it was a medicine she gave only to the poor and infirm.
People believed it was the medicine of youth, and it came to be called Elixir.
The old lady took my hand.
Told me to follow her if I wanted to be in the circus...
There was a time when everybody knew me as Tamer Rochka from the Circus.

21.Proven Truth

She taught me to train animals. I think that job was easier than what other circus folk do for a living.
The others practiced jumping through fire or evading flying arrows... I could never figure out what all that had to do with the circus.
Oh my God!
I think I know the truth now.
It means they've been lying to me... but after putting all the scattered pieces together, it all makes sense now.
Why my teacher knew how to make such potent medicine...
And why Sviatki asked you to do something in return for that medicine...
And why I have this staff...
What a fool I've been...
Now I understand.
The circus was an organization meant to kill the monsters sleeping in Volcano Valley.
My teacher was the one who protected our town against the monsters' attacks.
If those monsters find out that the teacher is no longer here to protect us, oh boy... I don't even want to think about that. They'll go nuts!
But I only know how to train them, not how to fight them...
Please. You need to go defeat Salamander, who is resting inside of Salamander Valley somewhere.
Please hurry... before they grow bold.
HINT: You can find Salamander in Salamander's Nest.
Mission: Kill [Salamander] x1
You just killed Salamander?
Oh my...! Thank you so much, general!
I will stop calling you general.
It wasn't easy for you to act like a real general, huh?
I knew the truth all along.
I didn't mean to lead you on, but you took it so seriously...
Oh, by the way, I asked Sviatki about my teacher.
She was the head of an organization that existed for over 100 years to protect people from Salamander, and the circus was our cover.
Thank you for all your help.
Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
Do svidaniya! (Farewell...)
Please go kill Salamander deep inside the Salamander Valley.
Before it's too late... Please!