Sorceress Mwindo - Sorceress

Sorceress Mwindo

QuestSorceress Mwindo - Sorceress
NPCSorceress Mwindo
Required level140
Daily QuestsNo

If he thinks he can get rid of me so easy, he's got another thing coming... Hello? What do you want?

Final Reward::

[Sorceress Mwindo]
A great sorceress of destiny. She could both walk and weave magic the moment she was born. Her father, fearing that she covets his position as cheiftain, has tried to assassinate her countless times, but she's risen above his challenges to wander Africa in search of greater and greater strength. The legends tell of a man who will unite all of Africa, and while she's not actually a man, she's never let a little gender confusion get in her way before.
Sorceress Recruitment Quest
Location: Africa

1.Land of the Spirits

And what have we here? A wanderer from the tamed lands?
You lost, adventurer? This place is too dangerous for folks like you. The spirits love to gobble you outsiders up!
You DO know where you are, right?
Go ahead, open your map. I'll wait.
Honestly, I've been seeing more and more of you strangers wandering through our land lately. Do you all have a death wish?
Mission: Game Info -> Open World Map
That's right. See this continent, right in the middle of your map? Africa.
Say it with me! A-fri-ca.
This place is filled with powerful spirits and primal magics that an outsider like you couldn't hope to understand.
  • Experience: 5,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

2.My Name Is Mwindo

The sun, moon, and wind are ours to command!
The spirits and the animals are our friends and guardians!
I've walked this land all my life, and I warn you, she is not kind to strangers.
My, aren't you sure of myself? You in that much of a hurry to get yourself killed?
It takes a real fool to ignore the warnings of Mwindo...
Hmph. Of course. You barely know where you are, so how would you know who I am?
I am the greatest sorceress ever born into this world, and the future chief of the Nyanga...
A woman to be feared and respected. Tell me, what's my name!?
Mission: Answer [My Name Is Mwindo] Question => Mwindo
And don't you forget it!
  • Experience: 5,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

3.Power of the Heavens

Now you understand?
Go on, get out of here! Before you really get hurt.
Ha, you're like a lost puppy who won't leave me alone!
Okay, fine, I'll let you tag along with me for a little while. But stay close, or you'll get killed.
Heck, since you're sticking around, maybe you can do me a little favor.
You just happened to catch me after a big fight. Me and Mukti--that's the hydra lord of the abyss, for your information--were having a bit of a disagreement.
It's over now, of course, on account of me blasting him into dust.
'Course, that particular spell can take a lot out of a girl.
I've got some business to take care of here, so while I see to that, mind fetching me some Heavenly Crystals to help me recharge?
They're just Heavenly Crystals. Even you shouldn't have much trouble finding some.
Mission: Heavenly Crystal x100
Not bad, not bad.
Yeah. I think we'll get along just fine.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 5,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

4.Friend of the Dogon

This gives me an idea!
Want to become my mercenary? I could use a hard working adventurer like you on my team.
Don't give me that look! Listen, I bet you're considered real strong where you come from, but the monsters here are on a whole other level, I promise you.
Besides, you couldn't hope for a better commander than Mwindo, she-who-walked-from-birth.
You're really sticking to your story? Fine, then, I'll send you on a mission.
But don't come crying to me if you get killed!
The spirits tell me that the Dogon people are in trouble.
They've lost control over their own spirits, and now those spirits are on a rampage, tearing up their village and killing their warriors.
I intend to help them, and since you're my mercenary now, you'll be joining me.
I'll be watching, but don't expect me to pull you out of trouble if you get in over your head.
Well then, let's go.
(Complete the Dogon Defense mission.)
I see.
  • Experience: 30,000,000
  • Gold: 2,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

5.Searching for Answers

Okay, maybe you can hold your own in a fight.
Anyway, did something seem off about those spirits to you?
I've never seen Flame Spirits and Tree Spirits work together like that before.
I mean, of course not! If they did, the Tree Spirits would get all burned up.
Oh, right, and there's also the fact that they were completely insane. That was also pretty odd.
I've never seen anything like that before...
There's got to be someone who knows what's going on. If only there was a way we could ask around...
You got some secret way to contact other people? Out with it, then. How?
Enter the number of the correct answer.
1: Make a post on the forum.
2: Light a fire and make smoke signals.
Mission: Answer [Searching for Answers] Question => 1
All right. You can give it a shot, if you want, but I've got better things to do with my time.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

6.All About Trees

Listen, I know everything there is to know about spirits, and I've never seen this before. We've got to do some proper investigation here.
Here's what we'll do. We'll head back to the Dogon village.
There are still plenty of crazy spirits wandering around there...
I'll learn everything I can about these Flame Spirits. You gather information about the Tree Spirits.
Don't worry about the details. Just get some basic information. When you're done, we'll meet back here.
Mission: Acquire [Basic Info] on [Tree Spirit]
Okay, tell me everything you learned.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 2,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

7.Tree Specter

Hm... That's wrong. And that's wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong!
Everything about these spirits is wrong. They're supposed to be close allies of the Dogon, but their very essence has been all mixed up!
I mean, the Tree Spirits aren't even supposed to be good at fighting! Who's ever heard of a fighting tree, anyway?
You think there's someone else behind all this? An outsider like you? That hardly seems likely.
Of course, I've never met an outsider who could fight as good as you do, so anything's possible...
Whatever's going on, we need to get to the root of the tree problem. ...Pun NOT intended!
Listen up, the Dogon are going to the Spirit Altar, one of the gateways the spirits have to enter our realm. They plan to destroy it, and I think we should lend them a hand.
I'll lead a team with Kajati, so I want you to go in there and defeat the Tree Specter that leads all the other Tree Spirits.
(The Tree Specter can be found in the Desecration mission.)
Mission: Kill [Tree Specter] x1
Ah, nothing like a good fight.
The feeling of the sun and the wind at my fingertips is always exhilarating...
  • Experience: 35,000,000
  • Gold: 2,200,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

8.Protect the Weak

Too bad you couldn't see me at full power. Those Heavenly Crystals you gave me helped a lot, but it'll be a few moons before I can really let loose on some monsters.
Come, let's sit a little bit and chat. I want to know more about my newest mercenary.
Sure, I can tell you a bit about myself.
As you can see, I'm pretty awesome. Since the moment I was born, I could walk, talk, and kick ass with the best sorcerers around.
Seems my dad the chief didn't exactly approve. He thought I'd try to kill him and take over the tribe.
Since then, he's been hunting me relentlessly. Seems I can't go a week without getting attacked by assassins.
But what am I gonna do? He's family, right?
Anyway, I got my spirits and my Makuta Drum to keep me safe.
Heck, I'd probably be dead by now if it weren't for them.
Shoot, I almost forgot!
There's a town near here that doesn't have any sorcerers or mediums to protect it. We need to make sure the spirits haven't attacked there!
Quick, let's get over to Kinshasa and make sure everyone's okay.
Mission: Go to [Kinshasa]
Okay, good. Looks like we're doing a decent job holding the spirits here.
  • Experience: 5,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

9.The Coming Hero's Legend

I don't know what it is about you, but I feel like I can trust you.
Want to hear something I haven't told anyone?
Like I said, I've been fighting to survive all my life.
When I was still just a little kid, pops managed to stuff me in a giant drum and throw me into a lake.
I mean, who does that? Seriously?
Anyway, way I saw it, when life gives you drums then play a wicked drum solo.
I sang my lungs out and beat on that drum until everyone in the land could hear me. That day, I promised them I'd come back some day as the greatest sorceress Africa's ever seen!
One day I'll go home and show pops who's boss!
It'll happen. I promise you that.
I used to wonder why he wanted me dead so badly.
I did manage to find out. That's the secret I wanted to share with you. Here, read this.
Mission: Read [The Coming Hero's Legend]
The Coming Hero's LegendA great hero will rise, a powerful sorcerer who commands earth and sky from the moment he is born.
They will speak his name throughout the land, and those who face him will tremble in fear.

No spear will pierce his chest.
He will be buried in the dirt, but still he will rise again.
Death will meet his gaze, and Death will go the other way.

But he will face ever more trials. When he is finally sealed in a drum and tossed into the water, he will begin his journey and become truly great.
When he finally returns, he will defeat his father and become chief of all creation.
It's from some old prophecy written before I was born.
Of course it talks about the hero being a man, but everything else sounds exactly like me! You know how these old myths go, anyway. They can't make up their mind if I'm supposed to be a guy or a girl...
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

10.Spirit Drain

Pops assumed I'd try to kill him from the start.
Funny thing is, I didn't really care about becoming chief. Not before, anyway.
But hey, if he's so intent on putting me in the ground, why not?
He wanted a fight, so I'm giving him a fight!
...Later. Much later. Right now, we have to help the Dogon people.
Kajati told me that there are these old Spirit Siphons from long, long ago that are corrupting the spirits here.
I say we take them out. How about it?
(Complete the Balance Restored mission.)
Hm, it felt good smashing those things up.
So this is all related to Atlantis, huh?
  • Experience: 40,000,000
  • Gold: 2,400,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

11.To Arm a Nation

It's pretty obvious. You're one of them, aren't you? An Atlantian?
It makes sense. You have the same spirit as those machines, but... I can tell you're a good person.
Don't worry, even if you share the blood of the enemy, I'll let you continue being my mercenary.
If Atlantis really is coming back, I've got to get weapons and armor for my people. The good stuff, too.
Don't know where I'm going to find someone to craft all that, though. I'm a sorceress, not a smith...
I have to give you outsiders one thing: You know how to work metal pretty good.
Mind looking up some artisans for me? Someone who can make some real sharp blades, maybe.
(Look in the Artisan list under Community.)
Mission: Open [Artisans] in [Community]
You sure we can trust that person? Doesn't seem so great to me...
  • Experience: 5,000,000
  • Gold: 1,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

12.War is a Gamble

Well, if you're sure, I guess I'll give them a try.
Even if they are as good as you say, though, won't it take time to craft some good weapons? I mean, a lot of time?
Dang. We don't got time to wait around.
There any other way we can get good gear for our warriors?
And don't tell me to check the market!
It doesn't help us any to spend all our money on war, only to not have enough to survive after we win!
Hmm... Medici's Deluxe Box?
Maybe. It's worth a shot, right? Open one for me, and we'll see how that goes.
(You can buy one from Medici in Rome.)
Mission: Use Medici's Deluxe Box x1
I'll think about it. This could be a good way to beef up our army.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 10,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

13.Corrupt Sorcerer

Anyway, while you were off walking amongst the tame peoples, I've figured out who's behind all this.
Riederan, right? Yeah, I had a feeling you'd know the name.
Well, the guy must be pretty darn charismatic. He convinced a sorcerer to join his side. A sorcerer!
He's an embarrassment to everyone who ever used a spirit to rain death on a person!
Nope. Can't leave this one alone. C'mon, we're going.
I'm talking a full-blown attack on Riederan's camp.
We'll charge in from both sides. Heck, I'll race you to the guy!
You join the Dogons' attack. I'll attack from the other side on my own. He won't know what hit him...
(You can find the Corrupt Sorcerer in the Revenge of the Spirits mission.)
Mission: Kill [Corrupt Sorcerer] x1
You beat me to him? Crud!
  • Experience: 45,000,000
  • Gold: 2,600,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

14.A Real Friend

Funny... I should be angry.
Normally I'd be angry.
But you were just trying to help, weren't you? Not trying to show me up or anything...
It's funny. My ma and aunt are the only people in my life who never tried to kill me.
But you wouldn't try to kill me, either, would you? I really can trust you, can't I?
I'm sorry. I've been kind of a jerk to you, huh?
You're not my mercenary. You're my friend.
Huh! I never really had a friend before.
Underlings? Sure. And plenty of enemies! But a friend? Never.
Well, friend... Can I ask you a personal favor?
I'd like some Mukti Scales. I just need 5.
Mission: Mukti Scale x5
Yes, that'll do. Thank you.
I'll tell you what I wanted with these... soon.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 6,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

15.Power of Rhythm

Meeting you makes me wonder if I really do need to take revenge on my old man.
Maybe he's a maniac, but he's still my dad, you know?
I'll still return home someday, and when I do, I'll be a sorceress he has no choice but to respect. That'll be enough.
But... I think if I want to keep growing, maybe I need to see the rest of the world.
I have another favor to ask you. I used to have an old Makuta Drum. It was one of my dearest treasures, but it got destroyed in a fight.
I wonder... Think you could find another one?
Mission: Makuta Drum x1
Thanks. A lot.
I never thought I'd see another one of these.
  • Experience: 15,000,000
  • Gold: 6,000,000
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!

16.Mwindo of Africa

Okay, so here's the thing.
I want to go with you. On your adventures, I mean. I want to see what the world beyond Africa is like.
Besides, you're after Atlantis, and I want in on that.
I've been looking for bigger and bigger fights to hone my magic in, and I can't think of any fight bigger than that.
Maybe you don't like me. I get that, I can be a bit rough around the edges.
That's what the scales and the drum were for. See, I've got a little ritual that'll boost my magic power even more, and if you let me go with you, that power's all yours to command. So? What do you say?
C'mon, it'll be fun!
You want me to go away with you, all you have to do is say my name, and I'll be there.
Mission: Answer [Mwindo of Africa] Question => Mwindo
Heck yeah!
Okay, my weird little outsider friend. You've got yourself a sorceress.
So, where to next?
I hear they have castle where you're from! And casinos! And...
I won't die yet, you hear me! Not yet!