Vivian - Witch


QuestVivian - Witch
Required level51
Daily QuestsNo

Final Reward::

A high-ranking magician who is rearing young witches.
Witch Recruitment Quest
Location: Library of Night Shadow near Berne

1.Minimum Requirements

I'm [Vivian], the magician responsible for training young witches.
Are you looking for a [Witch] to accompany you on your adventures?
Countless of adventurers have traveled here to recruit the young witches I've raised.
However, these children have been trained under the best possible circumstances.
For this reason, you'll need to have basic magic abilities if you want to take a young [Witch] with you.
Otherwise, they would be powerless as they can only use magic under the right environment.
Let me check if your magical capabilities are potent enough.
Show me any magic spells that you or your comrades can use.
Feel free to demonstrate the full repertoire of your magical skills as long as you remember to cast magic at least 20 times.
Mission: Use any magic (20/20)
Oh, you've returned.
I sense a strong aura of Mana around you. It relieves me that you have a good understanding of the supernatural. Thank you for showing me your capabilities.
That should be more than enough. The children will certainly be able to use their abilities around you.
  • Experience: 7,000
  • Gold: 8,000
When you are ready to recruit a witch as your comrade, come back.

2.A Child to Watch Over

While you fit the qualifications, I can't simply introduce you to the children just yet.
Many adventurers want a [Witch] as a travel companion. But these pure, innocent children are not ready to go out on adventures just yet.
But if you help train them, they will be ready before long.
Not too far from here, there's a [Novice Witch] who's just begun her training.
She is the purest student I've ever taken under my tutelage. However, she hasn't realized the full extent of her abilities yet.
If you help her train, she'll stay with you.
Go see the [Novice Witch] and see what you can help her with.
Welcome back.
I see that she's been studying hard. I knew she had great potential!
Although you are a stranger, her naivety did not alert any suspicions towards you. I hope that this innocence won't cause her to come to harm.
As you may know, we [Witches] have had a tragically bleak history.
  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 5,000
When you are ready to recruit a witch as your comrade, come back.

3.Ready to Awaken 1

Please go with the child and help her awaken to her full potential.
A [Witch]'s awakening is a simple process.
The child must be taught about the history of [Witches] which should allow her to tap into her unconscious talent.
As for the history...
It will be a harsh ordeal for such an innocent child like her.
I am sure you know enough about [Bran Castle].
And there's a rumor that everything in the castle have turned into vampires.
But that place has a painful significance for us [Witches]. Even before the vampires, we suffered at the hands of those who ruled the castle...
Could I ask a favor of you?
I'll need several items that symbolize [Bran Castle]'s dark past and the associated key phrases in order to stir her hidden abilities.
Go to the first floor of [Bran Castle].
While you're there, eliminate the bats and hounds and retrieve [Shadow Beast's Souls].
Mission: Shadow Beast's Soul x30
You got them...
Just the sight of those things sends a discomforting chill through my blood.
The [Novice Witch] has a painful journey ahead of her.
She will only be awakened when she understands the grief and sadness that makes up the history of [Witches].
Please comfort her when the pain becomes too unbearable.
From now on, you will be the person she looks to for reassurance.
I hope you understand by now that [Witches] must be lovingly cared for.
  • Experience: 10,000
  • Gold: 12,000
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

4.The First Keyword

Since ancient times, we witches have used our magic to heal those with ailing bodies or troubled minds.
However, we've been mercilessly persecuted by those who are frightened by our abilities.
Many have even accused us of pledging our loyalty with the devil to plunge people into the dark realm of wickedness.
In extreme circumstances, many witches have been brutally tortured and executed.
Why... Why do people value their own practices over all others and preach their hatred of those who are different?
The first keyword is the [pain of the past].
The animal souls that you gathered possess a frightening power that has been used to torture witches in the past.
I've already given the souls to the [Novice Witch]. Go and tell her the keyword. She must be wondering what the significance of the souls is. When you tell her the keyword, she'll understand.
If she happens to give you something, please bring it to me.
Mission: Black Marble x1
Ah, you brought me the precious stone.
Did she make this on her own? That means she completed her first awakening.
She's well on her way to becoming a [Witch]. She's starting to understand our sad and painful history.
However, we still have a long journey ahead of us.
  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 5,000
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

5.Ready to Awaken 2-1

In the past, many have referred to [Bran Castle] as an earthly hell for Witches, since they were tortured in the castle secretly.
However, the unbearable physical torture was only one of the horrors they had to endure.
The psychological abuse from the jailers terrorized the witches to death.
Now it's time for the second phase of the awakening.
There are Servants, Stewards, and Lord Stewards working on the second floor of the [Bran Castle].
Go there and take the [Shadow Jail Key Pieces] from them.
Mission: Shadow Jail Piece x40
Welcome back.
The clinking sound of those keys as they clashed against the metallic jail bars has frightened many witches in the past.
Hearing it now, I can still visualize a jailor's wicked sneer.
  • Experience: 10,000
  • Gold: 12,000
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

6.Ready to Awaken 2-2

Many witches grew to fear the sight of those ruthless prison officers.
But the officers became sniveling cowards in the presence of the watchers.
After a lifetime of horrors, their spirits lingered in Bran Castle as ghosts.
The [Lord Chamberlains] on the second floor of [Bran Castle] are haunted by these ghosts. Please defeat them.
Even if they are just ghosts from the past... it will help bring me closure.
When you return, I'll give you the second key phrase.
Mission: Kill [Lord Chamberlain] x30
Thank you so much...
I will never forget the terrible fear they instilled in our souls.
  • Experience: 10,000
  • Gold: 13,000
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

7.The Two Keywords

I should tell you the second keyword that the [Novice Witch] needs, but...
I'm worried that this will bring her an unsurmountable agony which will cause her great harm.
She seems to follow your directions very well, which is of great help to her. Please continue to guide her through this challenging trial.
This keyword consists of two parts: The [fear of the past] and the [eyes of the watcher].
These memories refer to the cruelty the witches experienced at the hands of the jailors and by the orders of the watchers.
When the [Novice Witch] asks about the key, tell her it is the [fear of the past]. Mention [eyes of the watcher] when she asks about a strange gaze.
Those keywords will be enough to guide her for a while.
Oh, she declined holy water?
She's getting closer to becoming a real [Witch]!
It hasn't been easy, but...
It's natural for her to be afraid of holy water.
In the past, there were a few coldblooded ministers who outranked the watchers.
They were the chief instigators behind the witch-hunt and used holy water for sinister purposes.
  • Experience: 5,000
  • Gold: 5,000
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

8.Ready to Awaken 3

Ministers are supposed to be compassionate leaders, but many of them condemned us as diabolical heathens who delighted in committing blasphemous crimes against God.
Many innocent women, who possessed no knowledge of magic, were falsely accused of witchcraft.
The whole world fell into chaos during these wretched times.
Witches are not better or worse than anyone else. We're just different.
We have no intention of harming humans.
Worst of all was the guilt we felt when innocent people had to suffer because of the false accusations against them.
There are many dolls wandering aimlessly in [Bran Castle Jail].
A few of them contain the souls of witches who lost their lives long ago.
Please collect [Metal Doll Nuclei].
Mission: Metal Doll Nucleus x50
You've done an excellent job.
Though it's been a long time, it still brings me great sadness to see these dolls.
  • Experience: 10,000
  • Gold: 14,000
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

9.The Third Keyword

It's hard for me to say because it would upset her so, but she needs to know... She needs to feel the full extent of the sorrow that the witches of the past felt...
The sorrow the witches felt when innocent victims were also persecuted.
Then, she will realize the compassion that [Witches] must have for others.
The third keyword is [sadness of the past].
It will be the most disturbing step yet.
It relieves me to know that you'll be there to take care of her.
Use this [Perfume of Peace] to calm her if her mind becomes troubled.
Finally, she's a full-fledged [Witch].
Your assistance was a great contribution for her success.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.

10.Things to Remember

Don't worry about the novice witch.
Since the final preparations are now complete, she's been placed inside of this precious stone. Now she is simply waiting for you to summon her forth when you need her help.
It makes me so happy when a pure and remarkable [Witch] reaches maturity. And it couldn't have been done without your sincere help.
There is just one brief question that you must answer before I transfer the child to you.
What is the most important thing to remember about [Witches]?
I've emphasized it to you from the beginning...
Mission: Answer [Things to Remember] Question => Love
That's right!
The keywords were not only meant to teach her about the sorrow, pain and fear that [Witches] have had to endure throughout history.
They were also meant to teach her about the sheer strength and determination that [Witches] must possess to succeed in the face of opposition.
Well, here is the child.
Please take good care of her.
Please return after watching over the [Novice Witch] for a little while longer.