Wise Orenda - Elementalist

Wise Orenda

QuestWise Orenda - Elementalist
NPCWise Orenda
Required level100
Daily QuestsNo

Living in harmony with nature is our highest value.

Final Reward::

[Wise Orenda]
A legendary elementalist who stood up against many evil beings that threatened Mother Nature.
Elementalist Recruitment Quest
Location: Near the Valley of Oblivion

1.With the fresh wind

I am [Wise Orenda].
I have inherited the energy of beautiful Mother Nature and the great achievements of our ancestors.
Recently, a strange, corrupt energy has begun to surround the world.
In order to stop this energy from interfering with the harmonious flow of the world,
I am introducing the [Elementalists] I have trained to great heroes like you.
Even though an [Elementalist] is a slender girl,
she has the enormous power to control the weather, including wind and rain, and she will be of a great help on your journey.
Are you ready to recruit an [Elementalist]?
First of all, look behind me.
There lie ancient remains buried under nature and forgotten by the world for an eternity.
They were beautiful beings who controlled the many different powers of Mother Nature, including the sky and the land.
However, long ago they turned chaotic and uncontrollable, and in their madness tried to stop the harmonious flow of Mother Nature.
Obtain their power and breathe life into the [Elementalist]'s ability to control Mother Nature.
The [Heart of Eternity] in the [Altar of Giant Cubes] has an [Evil Protector's Box] containing many mysterious items.
Please bring me a [Feather of the Oath], a symbol of the promise that you will use the limitless power of Mother Nature to bring about harmony.
HINT: You can acquire the Evil Protector's Box at the market or through 'Valley of Oblivion' Guild Dungeon.
You're back.
Please swear that you will do your best to bring about world harmony with your [Elementalist], working together as a fresh breeze pushing a feather through the air.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Can you feel it? The breathing of Mother Nature.

2.Together with a Beautiful Rainbow

Have you ever seen a rainbow?
A rainbow is a beautiful painting that great Mother Nature draws on the world.
It is the symbol of the light that decorates the world in its seven colors.
[Elementalists] should engrave such beauty in their souls.
There are many kinds of mysterious Soul Stones in the world.
I want you to bring me on such stone, a [Rainbow Soul Stones].
They are Soul Stones that hold the seven beautiful colors.
Mission: Rainbow Soul Stone x1
Please swear you'll make this world more beautiful with the power of the [Elementalists],
together with the seven bright and radiant colors of the beautiful rainbow.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Can you feel it? The breathing of Mother Nature.

3.Mysterious Overflowing Power

My name is [Orenda].
It means Great Soul.
I am a being upon whom Mother Nature has bestowed a mysterious and awesome power.
And as a soul of mysterious power, I was given a fitting name.
[Elementalists] must have deep, abundant Mana in order to embrace Mother Nature into their small bodies.
Please make the source of the [Elementalist]'s mysterious power.
Craft [Mana Crystallization Water] with mediums containing the power of beings who effectively use Mana.

(HINT: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Mana Crystallization Water] x1
This limitless Mana will remain in the heart of the [Elementalist] who will find you shortly.
Please use this mysterious power to lead this corrupt world into harmony.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Can you feel it? The breathing of Mother Nature.

4.In the Arms of Mother Nature

A precious promise, a beautiful mind,
and limitless Mana.
You are now ready to harness the power of Mother Nature.
I bestow this right upon you and your [Elementalist].
Please bring me a [Crystal Ball of Harmony].
The power to feel and control the flow of Nature dwells within that crystal ball.
Go back to the [Valley of Oblivion] one more time.
When the [Heart of Eternity] who guards the [Altar of Giant Cubes] falls down and peace comes to the altar, you can get the [Evil Protector's Box] as a reward.
Bring me the [Crystal Ball of Harmony] from the [Evil Protector's Box].
You probably don't know this, but while you were retrieving the Crystal Ball...
The whisper of Mother Nature grew louder and louder.
Feel the breath of Mother Nature and entrust yourself into her arms.
That's how this world works.
  • Experience: 150,000
  • Gold: 250,000
Can you feel it? The breathing of Mother Nature.

5.Genuine Promise

The [Elementalist] who would follow you is waiting for your call.
Are you ready to take an [Elementalist] with you, a girl who, while delicate of body and soul, has great power?
Then tell me what I need to hear.
[Harmony], the virtue that I've been emphasizing from the beginning.
Tell me that you will seek [Harmony] and entrust your body to the arms of Mother Nature,
from whom mysterious power flows forth,
along with the refreshing wind,
along with the beautiful rainbow.
Please say [Harmony] out loud.
Mission: Answer [Genuine Promise] Question => Harmony
Thank you.
It's high time for another [Elementalist] to come out to save this corrupt world and show her strength by the side of a brave hero.
Please use her strength to save the world.
Can you feel it? The breathing of Mother Nature.