Wuma - Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town

Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town

QuestWuma - Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town
Required level115
Daily QuestsNo

Liyu... Where are you...

Final Reward::

An old woman who is crying over her lost granddaughter and hometown. She is begging anyone who passes by to rescue her granddaughter.
Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town Quest
Location: Near Chang An

1.Insane Grandma

Oh my god... Please...
Liyu, Liyu...
Somebody bring back my granddaughter Liyu.
Please... *sob*
*sob*... *sob*
Oh my, Liyu...
You there, kind soul! Don't just stand there. Find my Liyu for me. Please?
Please, I beg you... Bring my poor baby back to me, please?
*Sob* Oh god! Liyu...
Huh? You there! I don't need anything else.
I just want my Liyu back.
Huh? Please!
God... Liyu...
Please somebody bring me my Liyu back! Please!
Oh, God...
(No matter what you say, she keeps sobbing and asking for Liyu.
It seems that she would rather keep asking you to find her granddaughter,
so you need to prepare a reply even if it's a set response.)

([My Info]-[Expression]-[Chat Macro])
Mission: My Info-> Expression -> Register Chat Macro
Huh? You would go look for her?
Oh my... Please bring her back quickly...
Liyu, Liyu...
You there, kind soul! Please bring me my Liyu back. Come on!
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Oh my god... please...
Liyu, Liyu...
Somebody bring me my granddaughter Liyu back.
Please... *Sob*

2.Grandma in Need of Comfort

Why aren't you hurrying off to find my Liyu? Huh?
Please go find her for me... please?
God... Liyu, how frightened you must be...
If you can't do it by yourself, you can gather as much help as you need to find her. Okay?
Hey, you gentleman there.
Why don't you go ask that figure who looks like the dark Apostle of Death?
You can't accomplish anything by doing nothing. Please.
Mission: Fragrant Pill x1
Huh? What's this?
You want me to eat it?
God, what in the world is this?
Oh my, you are trying to kill an old grandma!
It's bitter, so bitter! Ptht!
How bitter it is!
Enough to awaken all my senses!
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

3.Her Sad Life Story

Oh my, it was bitter enough to give me a headache.
But I came to my old senses thanks to that.
However, Liyu still haunts me and I feel like I might burst into tears at any moment.
Gosh... Liyu...
Oh, Liyu is my only granddaughter.
I lost my son and daughter-in-law a long time ago and raised my granddaughter with all my might.
But a wicked monster called the [Nether Prince] came out of nowhere and kidnapped Liyu to make her his bride.
On top of that, that monster...
Completely destroyed the village I used to live in,
and now I have nowhere to go...
*Sob* Liyu, my Liyu...
Oh god...
Hey, you gentleman.
Please find me my granddaughter. Alright?
Let me ask you a question so that you won't forget.
What was the name of my granddaughter?
Mission: Answer [Her Sad Life Story] Question => Liyu
Right, right.
You said it right.
Don't forget to find her. Alright?
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

4.Preposterous Proposal

Not only does he look hideous, but his behavior is also very ugly and violent.
She must be terrified, a prisoner of that beastly monster.
Oh god. Liyu...
Before the damned monster destroyed the village, he had sent Liyu some preposterous letters.
Why don't you read one?
Mission: Read [Sloppy Love Letter]
Sloppy Love LetterOh! Liyu! My bride!

Such is your beauty and cuteness,
that I want to lick you and
I want to bite you!

Stay with me! Alright?

I am unbelievably rich,
I am unbelievably handsome,
I am unbelievably smart.
On top of that, I have a very powerful father.

You will fall in love with me.

You are mine.
I'll just kill myself if you won't live with me!
No, I'll just kill everybody!

- To my dearest Liyu, from the Nether Prince
How could I like him when he acted that way?
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

5.Outrageous Fella

Liyu already has a fiancé.
She was expected to get married to a handsome guy in the neighborhood in a few months.
Even if she didn't have a fiancé, who would want their cherished granddaughter to get married to that ignorant fella?
So, I kept telling the monster's messenger that she is unavailable because she already has a fiance.
I was too scared of him to say I didn't like him.
I don't know how many times the monster's messenger visited.
Eventually I couldn't hold it in, and I finally told him he was too violent and ignorant for my Liyu.
Later on he suddenly showed up, kidnapped Liyu, and reduced the whole village to rubble...
I'm overcome just from the loss of my granddaughter Liyu,
but I don't know how to ask forgiveness from the dead or injured people of the village...
That dark Apostle of Death over there has been watching people for quite some time now.
Since he's been standing in front of that strange place rumored to be some type of hell, he certainly looks like the Apostle of Death.
Do you know it by any chance?
Whether I can comfort the villagers who went to the hell if I ask The Apostle of Death...
Can you go talk to him?
Mission: Requiem Scroll x1
Oh my god.
That Apostle of Death is so kind.
Thank you so much...
I feel I can finally see those people who passed away.
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

6.Palanquin Ghost

I can't even describe the shock and horror when the [Nether Prince] came in with his monster lackeys...
Oh god, I'm overcome just thinking about it.
And amidst all that, the most absurd things were those monsters that looked like palanquins!
They came to take their bride away and crushed everything in their way, including houses and fences.
After they left, pieces from their bizarre bodies were all over the place.
I wanted to take out my anger by crushing or burning the pieces, but it was not easy since they were from monsters.
Can you smash these [Pieces of a Palanquin] in front of my own eyes?
Mission: Use Palanquin Piece x10
Good job!
God, that feels so good!
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

7.Granddaughter's Trinket

Do you know how pretty and cute Liyu is?
After setting the wedding date, we were preparing her wedding accessories and she liked this pretty jade trinket so much that she started wearing it already.
I was very happy to see how pretty she looked.
I saw her drop the trinket during the disturbance,
but I can't find it anywhere now.
I think I will find a little comfort of my mind when I have it.
Please go to [the Apostle of Death] again, who looks like he could solve any problem.
He seems like he would know everything.
Oh my!
Thank you so much!
You're both so good at solving problems!
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

8.What kind of place is it...

If he's the Apostle of Death,
wouldn't he have some idea as to where my Liyu has been taken?
What? She is at the [Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town]?
So that's where those monsters came from.
But why did the messenger and the Nether Prince lie and tell us that they came from a realm of hell?
I am too old and powerless to follow them there.
I know it's too much to ask, but can you take a look at the inside of the [Splendid Ghost Ship] known to go between [Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town] and this world?
I want to know how it looks and what monsters there are.
Mission: Go to [Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town]
Huh? Is it true?
Tombstone and Lamp Ghosts?
If that's true, then it really must be a realm of hell.
Oh my, oh my... Aren't they all ghosts related to funerals and death?
Oh my god...
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

9.The Hell!

I already knew that [Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town] was the nest of those monsters...
But I didn't know that they were horrible monsters from hell, and not just ordinary ones.
Oh my, hell...
Then Liyu is de... dead?
Oh my, no, oh no.
You monsters!
You can't take that young girl before this old grandma!
The legend of [Jiuzhaigou Ghost Town] I know is as follows....
Mission: Read [Ghost Town Tales]
Old Stories of Ghost TownAll sorts of monsters live in Ghost Town.
Most of them admire human life,
so they copy human festivals and
desire human goods.

There are even monsters who
try to involve themselves in human lives
by taking the shape of human-related items.

However, since they are monsters,
they are usually active at night
and show up mostly as something
related to human death.

As time passed, there
came a legend among the humans that
the monsters originated from hell,
and that the Ghost Town from which
they came was the road to hell.
That place was really hell...
Oh my, oh my...
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

10.Oh my, Liyu!

How am I supposed to live now?
I was only living for Liyu.
Now that she's been taken to the hell, what am I supposed to do?
Oh my, Liyu...
Right, right!
We have the Apostle of Death who can solve any problem!
Don't you think he could revive even the dead?
Please go to [the Apostle of Death] right now!
Come on! Hurry up!
What? Is it really true?
Then I made a hasty conclusion, didn't I?
God, that's so fortunate.
Truly fortunate...
So it was not the real hell after all...
I'm so sorry.
This old woman was so preoccupied with Liyu that I just guessed wildly...
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

11.Ghostly Drunkards

I feel a little better now.
I can be sure that Liyu is still alive.
However, I'll never let that monster marry my girl as long as I live!
Especially an ignorant and horrible monster like that!
When that [Nether Prince] came to the village, I took a look at him and he looked so horrible.
Like boss, like lackeys. There was a horrible monster among his followers.
He went crazy over the village's drinks and meat.
They drank all the liquor they found after destroying the village, got completely drunk, and acted violently.
At a glance, they look like three drunks who have been mashed together.
Please get rid of those horrible [Ghost Triplets].
HINT: You can find the Ghost Triplets at the Ghost Harbor.
Mission: Kill [Ghost Triplets] x40
Oh my, good job!
That makes me feel so good!
I think I'll be satisfied as we get rid of those horrible fiends one by one, until we can finally rescue Liyu!
  • Experience: 4,500,000
  • Gold: 2,350,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

12.I'm Always Sorry I

Oh my, I'm so sorry to ask you this kind of difficult favor every time.
Please understand that this old grandma can be a little demanding.
I feel so desperate because of Liyu.
The only thing I can give you is this [Chinese Red Wine] that I was saving for my Liyu's wedding.
I don't have much left, but I don't want to spare a drop for you.
Come on, drink this [Chinese Red Wine] up.
Mission: Use Chinese Red Wine x1
Oh my god!
This drink is strong enough to make giants dizzy, but you don't seem to be affected a bit.
Hey, Gentleman.
You must be pretty strong, huh?
You must indeed be no ordinary person to kill all those horrible monsters.
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

13.Too Early to Feel Relieved I

Anyway, my Liyu...
How sad must she be after being taken away by those monsters...
Oh my, Liyu. Liyu...
It breaks this old grandma's heart to think how sad she must be right now.
Isn't there any way we can find out what's going on?
Right. We have [the Apostle of Death] who solves everything.
Please ask him again. Please?
What? They are preparing for the wedding?
Oh my, that's a big problem.
Really big!
She is going to be that monster's bride before we know it!
It can't happen.
Absolutely, never. Right?
Oh my, Liyu...!
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

14.Monster's Bride!

Big trouble, this is big trouble.
Disgusting fellas. They aren't even inviting anyone from the bride's side...
No, that's beside the point.
She is that monster's bride!
Does this make any sense to you?
I don't want that horrible monster to be my grandson-in-law!
The father of the monster who has a crush on Liyu is [Yama].
He claims to be a king when he is only a monster!
Isn't that preposterous?
I hate that kind of arrogant monster, even if he's good looking!
Even if he's rich!
He can't make Liyu happy with those things.
I have something from [Yama].
He sent it when his son failed to woo Liyu.
Take a look.
Mission: Read [Nether King's Sealed Document]
Nether King's Sealed DocumentYou foolish old bat!
The Nether Kingdom has
greater military might and more money than any human kingdom.
You should be grateful that your daughter is being married into my family!
Give Liyu to me as my daughter-in-law.

- Nether King -
Those monsters are always like that.
They try to solve everything by force.
Do you think Liyu could be happy with them?
No way. Of course not!
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

15.Scary Lion Mask

At the very least, he shouldn't have tried intimidating us like that if he wanted to marry a human being.
I don't know what to think after they destroyed the whole village.
Oh my, it makes me scared and angry whenever I think of the time they invaded our village.
The [Lion Mask] that led monsters along with the Nether Prince and lighted fire in the middle of the night was scary enough to give me the creeps.
The villagers were all intimidated by its imposing appearance, and they were all killed...
They should be removed from this world!
Please kill those [Lion Masks].
They must be somewhere in the [Lion Mask Room]!
Mission: Kill [Lion Mask] x1
Oh my, thank you so much.
It make me feel so good!
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

16.Festival Supposed To Be Fun

We make Lion Masks to drive away evil spirits and welcome good fortune with their imposing appearance at the beginning of festivals,
and we dance around wearing them, right?
But do you think it makes sense for those Lion Masks to come and hurt people with the other monsters?
Since the Lion Mask we used in our village broke, I would like to make a real nice one this time,
and use it to wish any more disasters away.
There's a Traditional Lion Mask we used in the village, and can you make a [Festival Lion Mask] with this?
I'm sure you can make a nice one with your skill.

(Hint: [My Info] -> [Skills] -> Quest Crafting.)
Mission: Craft [Festival Lion Mask] x1
Oh my!
This Lion Mask is sure to scare off the monsters!
Of course it would be a well-made Lion Mask, since it was made by the efforts of a highly-skilled person.
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

17.Monsters are Monsters

Oh, right.
The Apostle of Death said a while ago that Liyu is locked up and getting good service from some monster maids, didn't he?
But it breaks my heart to think how much she must be crying.
Even though they are female monsters, monsters are monsters, correct?
Then how frightening it must be for her...
However, those monster maids are sure to know exactly how she's doing since they attend by her side.
Can you go check if there are any [Notes] on the [Nether King's Maids] or [Nether King's Chief Maids]?
Oh my! This many!
Thank you so much.
Thank you... Oh god...
  • Experience: 5,000,000
  • Gold: 2,350,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

18.I'm Always Sorry II

I don't know how lucky it is that the monster maids use the same writing system as us.
I could see it was about my Liyu right away!
Since you listened to all my complaints and did me a favor, I can't help but treat you with the traditional family wine!
Come on, drink this cup of [Chinese Red Wine].
Mission: Use Chinese Red Wine x1
This old grandma was right.
It says that my Liyu keeps crying every day.
She won't touch any food they prepare.
Moreover, it said that the Nether Prince used to visit her everyday and stare at her with blank eyes,
but now he throws things about and explodes with rage, saying she's not listening to him.
But then again he humbly begs for her forgiveness and talks about killing her or killing himself.
Oh my, Liyu...
How terrified you are...
Don't give up yet.
This gentleman will save you soon...
Oh my, oh my...
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

19.How to Escape

However, no matter how strong you are, it'll be hard to rescue my Liyu safely all by yourself.
What do you think is the best way to teach them a lesson?
Please go ask [the Apostle of Death] for help again.
He must have a good plan.
Oh my! Oh my! Thank you so much!
God, my Liyu...
My Liyu has just returned in tears!
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

20.Oh My, Thank You!

Oh my, thank you so much...
How grateful I am...
I don't know how to pay you back!
Oh my, Liyu.
Even if I died right this moment, I could pass on without a single regret.
Oh my god!
How glad I am!
I've never felt happier before in my life!
Oh my, oh my.
Thank you so much. Thank you. *Sob*
I want to throw a big party right now, but things are not looking good.
So I'll treat you with this [Chinese Red Wine] again.
Come on, drink up!
Mission: Use Chinese Red Wine x1
Do you know what Liyu said?
She said she didn't need special food, luxurious clothes, or a splendid palace.
She said she was just happy to be with her family again.
Oh my, Liyu.
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

21.Liyu's Thank You Note

I sent Liyu to a hut as a temporary shelter for now.
I'll let her rest and get refreshed there.
Oh, wait.
Liyu wrote you a letter to say thank you. Would you read it?
Mission: Read [Liyu's Thank-you Note]
Liyu's Thank-you NoteI thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving me.
They were not trying to kill me, but there wasn't a moment when I felt safe around those violent monsters.
Even though they offered me all kinds of good food, beautiful jewelry and a splendid palace, I was so lonely without my grandma, who is the only family I have.

At least my experiences might make a good story someday when I've recovered from the trauma.
If they become friendly again like before, I think I can find it in my heart to forgive them.
Anyway, thank you for everything.

- Liyu -
Liyu has not only a beautiful face,
but also a kind heart.
Don't you think so?
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.

22.Grateful Apostle of Death

Oh my, I've given you so much appreciation,
but I didn't have a chance to thank the Apostle of Death who helped me all this time.
However, I'm not brave enough to approach [the Apostle of Death] myself.
Please say thank you to him for me.
Thank you so much for bringing me my [Liyu] back.
  • Experience: 125,000
  • Gold: 375,000
Didn't you forget something?
Finish what you were doing.