World of Atlantica

This section describes the World of Atlantica (regions, dungeons, NPCs, quests...), created and introduced by nDoors.

Atlantis... a powerful and magical civilization that flourished years ago.
Atlantians became very prosperous after they created the substance called Oriharukon. Wanting to learn the secrets of this mysterious material, many other civilizations implored the Atlantians to share their knowledge, but they refused, closing their door to outsiders. Anyone that persisted, the Atlantians brutally destroyed.
Eventually, the Atlantians exhausted all the supplies of the four crystals, the raw materials for Oriharukon. Their thirst for the crystals led to the destruction of four great civilizations (the Yellow River, the Indus Valley, Mesopotamia, and Egypt), and set them on a path to conquer the world to find more.
But the arrogance and greed of Atlantians would instead lead to their demise. When they lost control of the magic powers generated by Oriharukon, Atlantis disappeared in the blink of an eye. But, remnants of Oriharukon survived.
Oriharukon Crystal in Atlantis
Your Quest...
To follow a treacherous path fated to you as a descendant of Atlantis. To find your ancestral home, which vanished off the face of the Earth long ago. To fulfill your destiny: Save humankind from the disastrous effects of Oriharukon, the source of Atlantis' destructive power.
You will embark on an epic journey that will take you to mysterious and dangerous locations around the world, as well as through time and human history. You will enter countless battles against creatures of legend and lore, mutated and deadly due to the influence of Oriharukon. But you will have the help of mercenaries you meet along your way, facing enemies together. You will collect clues from the remains of ancient civilizations, which will ultimately lead you to the lost land of Atlantis, and all the secrets kept there.

You can discover a very good and complete presentation on the official site that you should read.

The world of Atlantica Online is an unique mix of many genres :

  • Heroic and low fantasy, the most classic with swords and magic, and an inherent epic aspect
  • Steampunk, as you'll find - and be able to use - advanced inventions like guns and cannons.
  • Historical fantasy, probably the most interesting and the most original : Atlantica is set on Planet Earth, or at least an alternative version.
  • Modern & Sci-Fi, as the game evolves, introducing elements such as casino outfit, power saws and motor vehicules (mounts).

Some popular games such as WoW include the first two, but how many games allow players to live adventures and travel through a fantasy Earth?


Indeed, the game will take you along through a large part of the northern hemisphere, particularly the Eurasian continent. Following the main quest, you'll meet different cultures, various myths and legends, resulting a travel through time and space.
You'll be able to play a Spartan, to fight Dracula, to meet wise Buddhist NPC, visit the Yggdrasil tree, to talk with robots, ride a horse as well as a levitating machine.